Privacy Notice

Sheltering Silverton respects each individual’s right to personal privacy.

Information Usage

Our agency enters personal and demographic information about you into a computerized record-keeping system.

The information is used to plan delivery of services & to provide statistical information for setting goals.

Information you provide will be used for administrative and operational purposes to improve, provide & coordinate services that can be offered you.

Information you provide will be used for functions related to payment or reimbursement for services, monitor program effectiveness, and to prepare reports and statistical information without personal identifying information.

If you have safety concerns, you may not want personal information entered into the system, you should discuss this with a staff member.

Personally-identifying information may be seen by staff members who provide you with services, select community service providers when appropriate, and a small number of people (ie: system administrators or program funders) who maintain the computerized record-keeping system, except as required by law.

You will not be denied services, if you refuse to consent to share data.

You have the right to see your record and to ask that it be corrected.

You have the right to file a grievance if you feel you have been harmed in some way by the use of the computerized data system.

A list of agencies with access to shared information can be found on the Mid-Willamette Valley Homeless Alliance website specifically at HMIS Data-Sharing Agencies – Mid-Willamette Valley Homeless Alliance

Contacting Sheltering Silverton

If you have any comments, questions or concerns with regard to Sheltering Silverton’s privacy policy, or the use of information related to this web site, please call 503-509-4797, or email us at